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Consistency is king, or so they say. In an industry where we demand consistency from our spirits and our bartenders, customers expect it in service and the drinks they consume - so, why do we settle for inconsistent fruit?


Enter Island Oasis Premium, affectionately known as IO, a range of high fruit content purees and cocktail bases developed for professional bartenders. IO Premium is set to shake up the cocktail world, enhancing the taste experience of any cocktail on the market by bringing out the delicious fruit flavour. 

The range includes seven fruit flavours (Including great lemon and lime juices) which range from 90 to 100% fruit content as well as four classic cocktail mixes - Pina colada, Mojito, Pornstar Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri.

No longer do you have to worry about half of your fruit order being mouldy or struggling to juice dry lemons, as the fruit purees give you real fruit, pre-juiced at the twist of a cap. IO Premium comes in recyclable tetra-paks, which are a godsend and can be stored at room temp. Much easier to use than traditional pouches as they don't flop when you try to pour them with one hand - they're also stackable for when you need to pack every last bit of stock onto your bar for a busy service.

The cocktail mixes have been created to take the time and effort out of your highest volume cocktails, allowing you and your team to concentrate on the really special drinks that make you and your bar stand out from the crowd, giving you more time to set things on fire or make outrageous garnishes without worrying about your 100th Mojito of the night.


The range has got loads of versatility too, the mango flavour for example, not only makes a killer mango Margarita but works just as well as part of a smoothie or mixed with cloudy apple for a soft lunchtime option.

There's also tons of scope for using the range in combination, white peach and lemon is the base for an epic peach Collins - the team behind the drinks have no guilt in admitting it's a very good version of one of their all-time favourite drinks. 

Whether you're looking to create a classic or try out something totally new, your next cocktail inspiration is here with this range

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