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Like all good things, Navas started over a conversation in a bar between friends... the best place in the world (in our humble opinion)! New to our shelves recently we wanted to find out a little more and take a trip to the gorgeous Cornish coast. Read on to find out how Navas want to provide a different drink!

Being the result of a long walk around the headland near Mousehole, a fishing village not far from Land's End, and a drink in the local pub, and sampling the abundance of beautiful Cornish gins and spirits, Navas Drinks questioned why there wasn't a great choice of natural mixers to accompany these cracking spirits... So, Navas set about changing this.

Taking advice from local distillers and using water from the Cornish Moors, they decided on the type of mixers and the range they wanted to create.A family and friends-owned business, Navas came to life on the sleepy unspoiled riverbanks of the Helford River. Surrounded by deep sheltered valleys, ancient oak forests and hidden creeks, their name is taken from the small creek village, Port Navas.


Only using flavour with purpose, Navas create mixers using a blend of distilled botanicals, natural plant extracts and 100% Cornish spring water. They carefully experiment with their recipes to develop mixers that are as considered as the spirit and work to bring out the best in the flavours of each.

The beauty and fragility of their home has led to a natural desire for them to protect its resources and therefore they are continually looking for ways to reduce their impact on the planet and their local community.Navas support the Eden Project in their shared aims of promoting understanding and responsible management of the environment. They donate 2% of each bottle to this objective and are also proud to be part of the 1% for the planet pledge.

1% For the Planet
The intent of 1% for the Planet is to help fund diverse environmental organisations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world's problems.

The drinks...

Premium Tonic: Flavour with purpose. Made with 100% Cornish Spring Water, Navas has created a bright, crisp and uplifting tonic with layers of citrus, floral neroli and aromatic bergamot, delicately blended together with the bitterness of quinine and woody notes from the cinchona bark. By using a complex variety of well-balanced botanicals, they aim to bring forward the characteristics of the gin that the distiller wants you to taste.Try the Navas Premium Tonic here!

Garden Tonic: A fragrant tonic made from 100% Cornish Spring Water and traditional garden herb distillates, it has subtle aromas of pine, wood and sweet earthy notes from rosemary and thyme.

Highly versatile, Navas Garden Tonic works brilliantly with classic juniper-forward gins, those that are a touch more earthy, savoury or herbaceous, and is also an excellent accompaniment to lengthen a refreshing gin-based cocktail. Try the Navas Garden Tonic here!

Light Tonic: Exceptionally light, crisp and dry tonic made from 100% Cornish Spring Water. A low-calorie option, delicate layers of citrus, floral neroli and aromatic bergamot, are carefully blended together with the bitterness of quinine and woody notes from the cinchona bark.

Enjoy with a classic London Dry Gin, a sweetened style Old Tom Gin, aperitif or vermouth, or pair with low and no alcohol spirits. Try the Navas Light Tonic here!

Ginger Ale: Navas take the aromatic and warming spices of three blended gingers, then add the acidity of sharp citrus lime for a clean, crisp and dry ginger ale. Serve with an amber rum, rye whisky, or a gin summer cup. Try the Navas Ginger Ale here!


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