A refreshingly different drinks supplier

Dalston's continues to go from strength to strength, from a nightclub kitchen in Dalston to brew yards in Hackney Wick and Mile End, Duncun and his team's sodas are in high demand!

Why not when they're heading in the right direction towards being the number one premium soft drinks business in the UK.

This April sees Dalston's continued expansion, with the release of new canned sodas: Cherryade and an improved Ginger Beer, with a move towards more sustainable methods being another focus. Dalston's sources their fruit from numerous sources: lemon juice from Sicily, cherry concentrate from Germany and apple juice from Nightingale Farm in Kent.

What interests Dalston's about the production of their drinks is three things: how it's grown; processed, packed and transported and an awareness of the carbon produced.

Top of our list to add to their can collection is Dalston's Cherryade, this vibrant cherryade is made from both sweet and sour Morello cherries and British spring water. Whilst their improved Ginger Beer recipe is crisp and full of super fiery, real African ginger along with zesty lime for maximum zing on the tongue.

All this, along with Dalston's need to reduce our sugar intake a a society means that many of their canned lemonade, cola and orangeade contain 40% less sugar per 100ml than other mainstream soda brands!

Unite with real fruit soda lovers through Dalston's and high 5 to drinks with nothing artificial!




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