A refreshingly different drinks supplier

The sun is finally making an appearance this summer, with it comes Cornish Orchards' unveiling of their new, all natural, gently sparkling soft drinks in cans, with the added bonus of a new flavour combination joining their soft drinks line up.

With a brand new look that moves away from their traditional glass bottles here's what their design team had to say, but don't just revel in their look the drinks are as sumptuous as ever! 

As design company Thirst Craft describe them, Cornish Orchards are mostly known for their cider, rather than their range of delicious soft drinks. With this in mind, the challenge was set to raise their soft drinks profile in 2019. A redesign was ordered and Thirst were chosen, here's their take on the new cans.

"With an existing design which looked too close for comfort to their cider cousins, Cornish Orchards' softs needed a redesign to establish their own, distinct proposition and capitalise on the booming premium softs market.

To match their all-natural, great taste we built a naturally bold design. Rallying against the botanical illustration boom, each product's simple ingredients are celebrated with fresh, fun and fruity illustrations. Hand rendered typography adds a natural touch, while vibrant colour splits create striking brand blocking behind bar and on shelf. All in all, a stand out new range that brings the freshness of the orchard onto pack." 

The new cans are available in four flavours, kick your month off and click here to buy now!



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