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Did you know, around 2 billion cola branded drinks are consumed every day - over a million a minute?!

However, the West African people who discovered the magical properties of the cola nut don't make a penny from the world's most popular fizzy drink. Unlike people before them, Karma Cola thought it was time this fact changed, thus the company was formed.

Karma Cola are all about the taste and how their drinks are good for the land, good for the people who grow the ingredients and as good for you as a fizzy drink can be - so you can feel good about drinking them. It's all about the gooood!


It's been five years since they made their first bottle of Karma Cola. In that time they've made another four great tasting Fairtrade and organic fizzy drinks. Created one sugar free version of Karma Cola and started selling good karma drinks in 23 countries. All this has enabled the Karma Cola Foundation to support farming communities in eight villages in Sierra Leone. They've helped build one bridge, provided bursaries for 75 girls to go to school, paid five teachers to educate another 265 children each year and invested in 18 local entrepreneurs trading their way to a brighter future.

The team at Karma Cola would like to thank everyone who has bought their drinks and continues to do so, as this enables more good to be done in the future. 

(Pretty impressive,in a world where we consume so much, don't you think?) 


The newest drinks member to join our shelves is Karma Cola's Orangeade Summer. Whatever the season you can brighten your day with the taste of Summer. Made with the juicy organic Valencia oranges and lashings of sunshine, sourced from the wild San Luis Potosi region in Mexico and lifted by a dash of organic Fairtrade sugar. Go on, take a sip and savour the warmth of Summer. 


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