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Warm up winter with these wonderful drinks from Belvoir's range of naturally lovely drinks.


A lot less sugar... but just as lovely!

All Belvoir drinks are naturally delicious, full of real fruit juices and fresh spring water. They're perfect for pouring into pitchers and sharing with friends, or as a tasty tee-total tipple this festive season.

With all the taste of pressed orange juice mixed with mandarin juice, and the same amount of delicious raspberries, Belvoir offer their Orange and Mandarin Presse and Raspberry Lemonade in light version, with 30% less sugar these drinks are ideal for the more health conscious.

Perfect served over ice for a Light alternative to alcohol, but also delicious as a mixer; particularly with Vodka or Dark Rum.



As Belvoir rightly say...
There's much more to food and drink pairing than just wine, and their drinks make a wonderful match with many a meal. Having worked with Gill Meller - food writer and head chef at River Cottage - they've found the best food pairings for their Pressés and Cordials, taking into consideration things like acidity and sweetness, to make sure that both parts of a meal bring out the best in each other.

The fruity Lime & Lemongrass pressé and cordial is bursting with charm, warmth and character. It's laced with sharp, zesty notes from the lime, which make it a perfect counterpoint to rich roasts and slow, low braises. Try it with spiced pork belly that's been gently cooked for hours with garlic, anise and chilli. The lemongrass adds a further citrussy note that marries well with fragrant green curries and piquant noodle dishes.

The Ginger Beer takes the fiery, zesty qualities of fresh root ginger to a new level. There are notes of honey and lemon in here too and Meller thinks this lovely blend is perfectly matched to dark sticky pork ribs or warm, sweet, honey and mustard-baked gammons. 

The festive season is a time for luscious cocktails that scream flavour and decadence. Why not add a dash of Belvoir to your glass this winter to add a touch of something special!

The Lady of the House

25ml Gin
25ml Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Cordial
15ml Apricot Brandy
15ml Egg white
25ml Fresh lemon juice
10ml Sugar syrup 1:1


Mix the ingredients together and shake. Strain into the glass. Garnish with lemon zest, dried rose petals and berry dusting.

The Christmas Cracker!

White sugar cube
Dash Cognac
15ml Belvoir Raspberry & Rose cordial
Top Champagne

 Soak a sugar cube in Cognac and drop in a champagne flute, add Belvoir Raspberry & Rose cordial and top with champagne, garnish with an orange twist.


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