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Made by bartenders. Born in the North East.

Lixir Tonic is a British soft drinks company that is all about being fresh, innovative and edgy, and creating new flavour experiences with every drink.

Launched out of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in May 2018 by friends and bartenders, Matt Mahatme and Jordan Palmer, the Lixir range offers new and exciting flavour combinations to the mixer category.

The Lixir range was carefully crafted to compliment an array of premium gins. For a classic gin and tonic, their Classic Indian uplifts the most robust dry gins. For more complex serves, their Blood Orange & Cinnamon tonic water paired with spiced gins ticks all the boxes.


The brand also encourages consumers and bartenders to explore a range of different serves. Why not spice up a golden rum with Lixir Rhubarb and Ginger Tonic. Try your favourite bourbon with the Blood Orange & Cinnamon tonic. Or even lengthen white wine with their Elderflower and Lemon tonic water.

Even better, the Lixir range tastes great on its own over ice for a sophisticated soft drink alternative. No more compromising for the consumer!

Just the good stuff. 

Lixir tonics are made with no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or added preservatives.

Discover the Lixir range

Lixir Classic Indian: Offers a gentle bitterness from its defining ingredient, quinine - and uses a fine blend of orange, lemon, and lime to hit the right zesty pitch of bittersweet.

Lixir Refreshingly Light: Lixir Refreshingly Light provides a lovely clean taste, with a touch of citrus and a little less sugar. 

Lixir Rhubarb and Ginger: Fresh rhubarb delivers a sweet, earthy hit, tempered by the warming undertones of ginger.

Lixir Elderflower and Lemon: The floral elderflower is well balanced by the citrus of the lemon; creating a delicate sweet and floral tonic.

Lixir Blood Orange and Cinnamon: Enjoy the full-bodied flavour of raspberry citrus from the crimson blood orange and wait for the subtle hint of cinnamon spice to evolve.

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