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It's a New Year. We're excited; especially as we've just added Square Root London to our sumptuous soft drinks portfolio... delicious sodas from the railway arches of Hackney by a team who take no short cuts, add no weird stuff, and make no compromises when offering you delicious handmade sodas!

Check out who they are and where they've come from...

Take two chemistry graduates with London lives, pub jobs, and bored brains. Add professional brewing experience, and an idea; a small dissatisfaction in everyday life, a piece of grit round which the pearl of a business could be built. This is how Square Root Soda was born, and came to be officially christened in 2012. It was time to bring some seriously good stuff to the soft drinks scene, to fight those lime-and-soda compromises we've all made down the pub, and to see just how far this fruity idea could go.


Partners Ed and Robyn quickly learnt that, while making fresh Ginger Beer and Rhubarb Soda in their home kitchen and cycling it over to the local farmers' market was all well and good, the fact that they were selling out every weekend, and turning disappointed folks away empty handed, indicated a serious gap in the market for quality fruity fizzy pop.  

Fast forward (and they really do feel like life has been on fast forward!) to 2018, and their award winning Square Root Soda Works stands proudly and independently within a Hackney railway arch, with a team of 14 fizzmeisters grinding day in, day out, to keep the soda dream alive.  They make and bottle everything themselves, so they can be certain it always meets their high standards; using their test kitchen to try out fantastic ingredients and come up with innovative flavours.



The sodas are, and always will be, made using fresh ingredients, juiced or infused by Square Root, by hand, and all contain around a third less sugar than your average bottle of fizzy pop! The sugars that are added are all either made from sugar beet grown on British farms, or ethically sourced, fairly traded cane sugars produced at source by farmers in Mauritius. Made from freshly juiced fruit, the drinks retain their whole fruit flavour and always taste of the ingredients they're made out of, naturally.



It's also evident Square Root like to work with the freshest fruits; they rotate some of the flavours with the changing seasons. Working directly with farmers to get the tastiest ingredients they can find, often taking the wonky or softer fruits that the farmers can't sell to supermarkets and which usually go to waste to produce beautiful drinks that everyone can fall in love with.

New to our shelves, we've got four of their range, the original - Ginger Beer, their Lemonade, Cola as well as Pear and Aronia, all ready to try today!

Pear and Aronia Soda is a perfect example of Square Root Soda's seasonal range, developed to showcase fantastic fruit at its best throughout the year, with no artificial sweeteners or excessive sugar to get in the way. They learnt of the delicious flavour and untapped potential of Aronia berries through the only English producer on the scene at the time. Balanced with the naturally sweet juice from UK grown conference pears, they honed this rich, unique flavour into a perfect autumnal soda.

Available all year round, their Lemonade is a great example of their commitment to keeping it simple, yet special, and always delicious. Supplier Guiseppe sends quality lemons straight from the farm in Sicily, consistently delicious and fragrant all year, so Square Root knows their ingredients are top notch, Guiseppe knows his farm is supported, and most importantly of all, you know this Lemonade will always be the best it can be, bright, sharp and made with good conscience, thanks to responsibly sourced ingredients.



*Photos taken by: Miles Willis and Charlie McKay

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