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Innovative soft drinks producer, Luscombe Drinks is continuing to extend their offering with the launch of a new mixer range.

Renowned for creating great tasting drinks using the finest ingredients, the authentic new range is perfect for adding excitement to any spirit, cocktail or mocktail and includes Cucumber Tonic Water, Sicilian Bitter Lemon, Hot Ginger Beer, Lime Crush and Devon Soda Water.

Commenting on the launch, Gabriel David, chairman and founder of Luscombe Drinks, says: "The successful launch of our tonic waters last year and the increased consumer-led demand for artisanal dark rums and spirits highlighted to us the need to offer an interesting and comprehensive range of premium mixers, going beyond solely tonic waters."

Gabriel continues: "We have seen an explosion in the popularity of craft spirits with consumers becoming more adventurous and experimental with what they drink and demanding original and exciting tastes. However, with Mintel reporting last year that 35 per cent of drinkers don't know what to mix white spirits with, we saw this as an excellent opportunity to extend our mixer portfolio. Our premium mixers now also offer establishments versatility when creating mocktails and cocktails and are appealing as stand-alone drinks or to complement any craft spirit."

Cucumber Tonic Water
A crisp and refreshing tonic, delicious served on its own over plenty of crushed ice or accompanying a Navy Strength Gin.Made using natural Devon spring water it has a distinct yet subtle flavour with the fine carbonation helping to maximise the flavours of the spirit creating a truly delightful drinking experience.

Sicilian Bitter Lemon
Famous for their organic still Sicilian Lemonade, the Sicilian Bitter Lemon is a twist on the bestseller. Indian quinine is blended with the intensely flavoured Sicilian Lemonade and then carbonated, creating a sharp mixer excellent for pairing with hedgerow gins.

Hot Ginger Beer
Synonymous with ginger beers, Luscombe's traditional Hot Ginger Beer is available in a convenient mixer size. The authentic ginger beer is crafted using only the best Peruvian organic fresh root ginger, lovingly blended with Sicilian lemons and carbonated Devon spring water. The warmth and spice complements rhubarb-based spirits and rums.

Lime Crush
A popular choice for cocktails and mocktails, Luscombe's Lime Crush combines Sri Lankan limes and Sicilian lemons to create this gorgeously refreshing fruit crush. Boasting citrus flavours, it's now available in a handy 20cl mixer size. A fridge staple, Lime Crush pairs superbly well with gins, vodkas and rums.

Devon Soda Water
No mixer range is complete without a Devon Soda Water. Refreshing and clean in taste, Luscombe's Devon Soda Water is made with minimal processing, using only soft Devon spring water and bicarbonate of soda. With its characteristic fizz, it's perfect served with whisky or with vodka and fresh lime juice.

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