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From fruit to bottle...Square Root Soda

Ed and Robyn started Square Root from their kitchen in 2012 selling ginger beer at a local farmers market. Blown away by demand and inspired by the growing craft beer movement, in 2013 they launched the Square Root Soda Works. This busy production space is where the first bottles of Square Root Soda went out the doors.

Fast forward to 2018, and the award-winning independent Square Root Soda Works still stands proudly in East London with a team of 11 soda makers working hard to create innovative new drinks that have had as much effort put into making them as quality alcoholic drinks - all completely from fruit to bottle!

Developed to celebrate fantastic fruit at its best throughout the year, with no artificial sweeteners or excessive sugar to get in the way, the Square Root seasonal range showcases the finest fresh produce, treasuring Kentish apples, Yorkshire rhubarb and Sicilian citrus at their natural best.

Square Root drinks are, and always will be, made using fresh ingredients, juiced or infused by their team of skilled Soda Jerks (technical term!). With unique control of their production process, they create extraordinary drinks with guaranteed quality and zero artificial additives.

Serious about seasonality - create true pairings.

Square Root only release their seasonal sodas when the fruit is naturally grown and ripe, giving customers that sought-after connection with true seasonal flavour and the highest quality produce!

The potential for pairing food with soft drinks is vast, with a strong range of business benefits. Industry research shows "category uplifts of 5-9 percent simply by activating soft drinks on the menu" (1).

Soft drink food pairing provides opportunity for increased margins with easy up sell, elevating the effort you already make with your food menu.

Use the Square Root seasonal range to develop your reputation as a flavour- and quality- focused venue that also caters for those not drinking this festive season. A huge 20.4% of adults (2) no longer consume alcohol and this number is rising. Square Root's quality seasonal soft drinks offer great added value whilst enticing customers to come back to you if they're one of the five million people (3) considering a Dry January, or they're just looking for something new to try - they know you've got them covered.

Show them what you've got!

Put crisp, bright British Apple Soda on your menu, right next to the roast pork, rich game and nutty mushroom dishes for great flavour matches.

Pear and Aronia Soda, rich with sweet Kentish pear juice and dark, tannic aronia berries, is gorgeous as a simple booze-free serve and pairs excellently with a good cheese board, roast beef, root vegetables or the classic quality pork pie.

Recommend the Lemonade with seasonal fish dishes or creamy winter risotto to provide sharp, fresh contrast to a dish.

Place any of these sodas on your drinks or cocktail menu to showcase your premium soft offering and sing about the seasonal credentials for the added value and provenance your customers are looking for.

Try out a Square Root seasonal soda, see what they can do for you! Square Root is offering a free case of Apple Soda with every order of four cases or more from their Nectar range.



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