A unique gin is like nothing you've seen or tasted before, distilled with 21 botanicals handpicked from all over the world and bottled in the hills of Jundiaí, Brazil, thousands of miles away from the UK-centric traditional gin world.

Named after a poem which details an encounter with a mysterious rock band, the gin is created using a "unique" distillation method that combines two traditional distillation methods into a single process.

Fifteen botanicals are macerated in a neutral sugarcane spirit to extract flavour compounds and essential oils. Then six additional signature botanicals are infused into the gin via vapour infusion through a copper basket. Sitting alongside gin notes of juniper, citrus and flowers, the gin's six ingredients include handpicked basil leaves from India, Portuguese rosemary, Mediterranean fennel seed, calamansi from the South Pacific, star anise native to Vietnam, and acai locally grown in Brazil.

Its distinctive "crowned eye" logo in metallic copper is the key feature of the bottle design, a nod to the traditional pot stills used for the gin's creation. A truly eye-catching addition to your bar.

Gin - Caipirinha

A twist on a classic Brazilian cocktail. Instead of using cachaça, McQueen and the Violet Fog gives a smooth balanced taste that's perfect for pre-dinner or cocktails after.

Simply muddle the lime and sugar syrup before adding the crushed ice to fill the rocks glass. Add 50ml of McQueen and the Violet Fog and give a little stir. Garnish with more lime.

Brazilian Martini

Shaken or stirred, experience this take on the world's most iconic cocktail.

Simply, pour all the ingredients into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake well and pour into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a lemon peel or olives.

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