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Refreshing, simple, and delicious, the spritz is once again set to be the serve of the summer. Here's how to elevate your spritzes with Cocchi.

Dating back to Northern Italy in the late nineteenth century, the spritz is a quintessentially Italian drink - just like Cocchi's vermouths and aperitivo.

In 1891, Guilio Cocchi dreamed of crafting beautiful vermouths. Already well-versed in working with wines, infusions, and spices from his job as a pastry chef, he decided to make his dream a reality. He opened his own distillery in the northwest Italian town of Asti and quickly became known as a pioneer in vermouth making, with products like Cocchi Vermouth di Torino and Cocchi Americano.

Cocchi developed his aromatic infused wines in a richer style, perfectly balanced when mixed with soda, tonic water, or sparkling wine: the original spritz. He also opened several bars in the region, and Cocchi's association with the spritz blossomed.

Today, the Cocchi brand is owned and operated by the Bava family, Italian vine growers who have worked in wine since the seventeenth century. The Bavas have continued Guilio Cocchi's legacy of innovation while embracing the brand's traditional recipes and origins.

Perfect summer serves

The Cocchi range brings botanical complexity to the easy-drinking effervescence of the spritz, keeping your customers coming back for more all summer long.

Cocchi Vermouth di Torino

This classic sweet Italian vermouth is made with the same recipe created by Guilio Cocchi in 1891, with a base of fine Moscato wine and a secret mix of local and exotic botanicals. The Vermouth di Torino style hails from Turin, the heart of aromatised wine production - a region so respected, it has been granted protected Geographical Indication status to ensure its traditions are maintained. Cocchi Vermouth di Torino lends fruity richness and herbal complexity to cocktails.

Cocchi Americano

Like Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, the recipe for Cocchi Americano dates back to 1891. Its Moscato wine base and secret botanical blend result in a bittersweet profile that is balanced by tropical notes of papaya, pineapple, and mango. It's perfect in a classic Italian Spritz and in a wide variety of modern riffs.

Cocchi Rosa

Flavourful, light, and sophisticated, Cocchi Rosa is the ultimate aperitivo. It has an Italian red wine base and natural botanicals including gentian, vanilla, ginger, and rose petals. These ingredients create a flavour profile that is bittersweet and spiced, with notes of strawberries and roses - truly summer in a glass.

Make a star of every spritz you serve this summer, buy from the Cocchi range here, and throughout May if you buy any 3 bottles from the Cocchi range you'll get 1 case of Fever-Tree Blood Orange Soda free!

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