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Mindful drinking and leading a positive lifestyle are more prevalent than ever for consumers and their choices at the bar.

There's a growing cohort of drinkers who want to stay sharp and focused on life, be healthier whilst making informed decisions. Read on to find out more about this hot topic and Bacardi's twists on a couple of classic cocktails that will offer your self-aware customers a little extra this year.

Mindful drinking is all about one's awareness of what is drunk - how much, how often and the impact it has upon life. For most people, mindful drinking involves moderation. That could be a lower alcohol drink, cutting down for a week, doing a sober sprint, or even going alcohol-free. Whilst for some it also includes healthier ingredients, less sugar and a more damage-free provenance and sustainable practice.

Getting creative with your cocktails is one way to spark and maintain interest in your consumers. Bacardi's 2019 Global Brand Ambassador Survey suggested that 48% of ambassadors noticed an increase in bartender interest in low ABV cocktails. Which was led by the rise in popularity of low or non-alcoholic spirits. In essence, 'less is more' really is in demand, why not have some fun this month and try out these twists on a classic.

Tall and Dandy

Build in a highball overcubed ice, garnish with orange wedges. This makes a 3% ABV cocktail and is only 0.37 of an alcoholic unit!

Floral Winter Cup

Fill a highball or wine glass with cubed ice. Pour all ingredients into the glass. Gently stir to infuse ingredients and garnish. 5% ABV and 0.87 units.

Peach Cobbler

Fill a wine glass with cubed ice. Pour all ingredients into the glass and add the bitters. Stir to infuse ingredients. Garnish with two wedges.​ 17.5% ABV and 1.14 units.

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