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Simplicity is one of life's great pleasures. For centuries, Russian vodka has been celebrated as the world's purest spirit and its least complicated luxury. At the heart of this tradition stands Moskovskaya, maintaining a minimalistic approach to making vodka. Moskovskaya is made in accordance with traditional Russian methods.

This adherence to tradition is why Moskovskaya is designated as "Osobaya" vodka: a category of special unflavoured vodka, highly regarded for its purity and taste.

The finest grains are blended with purified water and fermented for three days. The liquid is then triple-distilled to deliver a pure, strong spirit. After the addition of a precise amount of well water, the liquid undergoes a textbook three stage filtration process using fine quartz sand, activated charcoal and, finally, quartz sand again. 

The resulting vodka displays a satisfying depth of character, gentle bready flavour and characteristically peppery finish. 

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