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STRYYK was launched in 2018 by Funkin Cocktail founders Alex Carlton and Andrew King. It was the second alcohol free spirit to hit the market in the UK, launched to satisfy the increasing demand for a quality, modern and stylish alternative to alcohol.

Distilled and bottled in the UK, the range consists of Not Gin, Not Rum and Not Vodka.

In June of last year, STRYYKwere delighted to receive the backing of AG Barr with a £1m investment, providing validation of the alcohol free spirit category, the STRYYK brand and our team's achievements so far.

"Consumers don't want to have to compromise on taste and ritual simply because they are choosing not to drink alcohol"

The brand was developed over two years with the help of some of London's top bartenders to deconstruct the various elements and profiles of spiced rum, London dry gin and traditional vodka, to create our own interpretation of a premium 0% ABV alternative.

Consumers don't want to have to compromise on taste and ritual simply because they are choosing not to drink alcohol. Our products are designed to look, act and taste just like their alcoholic counterparts, even down to emulating the alcohol burn, so it's easier than ever for operators to simply switch our products in and extend their existing drinks offering to non-drinkers.

The revolutionary STRYYK menu hack:

STRYYK menu hack offers consumers and operators the option to both extend and condense their non-alcoholic offering on menu. By placing a STRYYK asterisk next to any vodka, gin or rum cocktail, and swapping in the relevant STRYYK product, drinks can easily have an alcohol-free option.

It removes the barrier for the consumer considering a non-alcoholic cocktail purchase by way of familiarity and it helps the trade up from lower priced, sugar-driven soft drinks.

For STRYYK, having a non-drinker enjoy exactly the same cocktail as someone who is drinking alcohol, in exactly the same venue, at exactly the same time - now, that's real inclusivity. They see "mocktails" as a thing of the past, laced with stigma and pressurised questions like "Why aren't you drinking, are you ill?"

If a non-drinker can be truly included and catered for in exactly the same way that operators already do with alcohol drinkers, then that's good for the consumer, and even better for business.

Operators can have their menu hacked for free at www.stryyk.com/your_menu

STRYYK non-alcoholic spirits swap directly into the nations favourite spirit mixers, such as a gin and tonic, rum and coke, or vodka, lime and soda, in exactly the same measures. But it's now easier than ever to shake up a non-alcoholic cocktail. All those classic cocktail specs you already know? Just use the same ones with their spirits.

Not Rum Mojito

50ml STRYYK Not Rum
20ml lime juice
10ml sugar syrup
6 mint leaves

Garnish: mint sprig

Add all the ingredients to a highball glass. Swizzle with a twisted spoon, top with crushed ice and a dash of soda.

Not Gin Bramble

STRYYK Not Gin 50ml
Lemon juice 20ml
Blackberry syrup 15ml

Garnish:lemon slice, blackberry

Combine all the ingredients together in a shaker. Shake well before straining into a rocks glass.

Not Vodka Pornstar Martini

STRYYK Not Vodka 50ml
Passionfruit puree 35ml
Vanilla syrup 10ml
Passionfruit syrup 10ml
Non-alcoholic prosecco 25ml (serve on side)

Garnish: passionfruit

Shake all ingredients well with ice. Strain into a chilled glass.

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