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Viper Hard Seltzers introduce the next generation alcoholic drink for those who enjoy social relaxing but take care of themselves. Viper Hard Seltzers: sparkling water with a bite!

How the idea for Viper Hard Seltzer was born:

Viper took the inspiration from a new booming drinks category, hard seltzers, born in the US market. They invested much time and effort in bringing the idea forward and have now created the ultimate refreshment - well balanced with a hint of fruit flavour and a bite of alcohol. Viper Hard Seltzers are different than most of those on the US market - they are brewed hard seltzers, which gives them a more balanced taste experience with a little bite of alcohol.

Viper Hard Seltzers are exquisitely refreshing summer drinks created to give people a good time, but at the same time they stick to purity with their crystal clear transparent liquid. The Viper symbol represents the bite of alcohol in an otherwise innocent and pure drink.

Viper drinks are gluten free and don't contain any artificial colours or preservatives.

Available in two flavours, Lime and Cranberry, Viper Hard Seltzers come in 25cl glass bottles and 33cl cans.

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The Viper Hard Seltzer brewing style:

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