A beast of a new flavour is here - The Kraken Black Cherry and Madagascan Vanilla Black Spiced Rum!

The Legend

Kraken attacks have long been documented along the Maritime Spice Route. Sailors' stories told how the mighty Kraken emerged from a maelstrom, an ocean whirlpool of monstrous size, to suck ships whole into the ocean's black abyss.
Myth has it that crews would carry black cherries and vanilla pods from Madagascar as a remedy for Kraken sucker bites, the freshness counteracting the foulness. Over time, they added this fusion to their rum, just to be on the safe side, of course.
Full of refreshing black cherry notes, this legendary clack spiced rum has been given a deep, dark twist. The new flavour will create unholy excitement, recruit new drinkers and increase enjoyment occasions.

The Flavour

A fearsomely fruity and flavourful fusion of the signature black spiced Caribbean rum with rich cherries and an undercurrent of Madagascan vanilla, for a wildly delicious and refreshingly smooth finish.

The Serve

Wildly refreshing when served with cola over ice.
A new dark, disruptive and refreshing flavour unleashes.
Get it first here, along with The Kraken rum range.

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