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With the 4th of July on the horizon, we thought we would reintroduce you to Bernie and the Heaven Hill portfolio.

As global brand ambassador, he has a key part to play in the communication of the brands he looks after which are Heaven Hill's speciality Bourbons including Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage, Elijah Craig, Larceny, as well as critically-acclaimed Rittenhouse Rye.

Bernie has won 'Global Ambassador of the Year' award in Whisky Magazine, and if anyone has had the chance to catch him in action, you would see why.

In his role as educator as well as promoter, he excels and uses bluegrass music on many an occasion to keep audiences both engaged and amused.

Take a look at him in action here....



But what about the brands?

The story of the Heaven Hill Company begins as Prohibition ends and is a story of families who over the years have produced some of America's finest whiskies.

In 1934 the Old Heaven Hill Springs Distillery was founded by a group that included the five Shapira brothers, contributing $15,000 to the start-up funds...the name came from one William Heavenhill, a farmer on the same site back in the nineteenth century.

Soon the company launched their first branded bourbon, a two year old, called Bourbon Falls onto the US domestic market. This was followed up in the early forties with the company's first bottling of a Heaven Hill named bourbon. A landmark step was taken in 1957 when the company launched the Evan Williams brand, named after an early pioneering Kentucky distiller, as its flagship product. By the sixties the distillery had produced in excess of one million barrels and was starting to lay down the stocks that would form the basis for the aged bourbons that are now available.

Max Shapira, returned to the family business in 1971 after a period on Wall Street and oversaw a period of dynamic expansion in an often turbulent industry, creating the modern company it is today - the largest independent, family-owned distiller in the US and has established a wide portfolio of products to add to its historic American whiskies.

This is now a company with a modern approach to its market - take a look at this short video from Evan Williams....



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