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The sun, the air and the land are the main ingredients in Bepi Tosolini's delicious drinks.

Situated in Friuli, North East Italy, Bepi Tosolini Grappa was born in 1943 when Bepi Tosolini decided to set up his first small distillery continuing the family tradition of grappa production. During the 50's his new distillery was built in the heart of Udine. The business continues in the family today with the third generation - Bepi, Bruno and Lisa - at the helm.

These classic Italian liqueurs are all natural - no colourings, no preservatives - and handcrafted after the expertise of Bepi Tosolini with the wonderful grape distillates produced on site.

Antique botanical stills are used and the production is in small batches to best preserve the freshness of the ingredients.

This month, we take a look at two of their delicious drinks from amongst the selection on our shelves.

In the Castello district, not far from Piazza San Marco, it is possible to reach Saliza'or Salizada Del Pignatter, under whose arch there is a red heart-shaped stone: legend has it that couples who go there together will love each other forever". This is the Venetian history that recalls the name of the amaretto Salizą.

This traditional Italian liqueur is made by macerating genuine Almonds with an Italian Brandy base to create a rich, organic flavour. Salizais a cut above other Amarettos with a delightful lightness and intense yet elegant marzipan flavours.

Fresh Sicilian Almonds are crushed and infused in spirit for 2 weeks, this maceration is then separated and the almonds are distilled before being mixed back in with the original spirit. Water is added along with cane sugar and a dash of aged brandy to finish this classic amaretto which is harmonious, natural and incredibly balanced.

Why not mix up a Saliza Sour this month?!

45mlAmaretto Salizą
30ml fresh lemon juice
20ml sugar syrup
1 fresh egg white
Following its high quality philosophy, Bepi Tosolini is inspired by traditional liqueurs to create a completely natural line, Expre has all the scent and flavour of the most authentic Italian coffee break, but not only this, it is also an excellent liqueur to serve after a meal, both in winter and in summer!

To make this delicious liqueur, crushed fresh Arabica coffee beans are infused in spirit for 2 weeks and then separated and distilled. The resulting distillate is mixed with the original infusion, water is added along with cane sugar, natural cocoa and coffee extract which is stirred, filtered and bottle. Mmm, mmm.

Simply perfect for an Espresso Martini... 

25ml Expre Liqueur
45ml Mamont Vodka
Shot Espresso coffee

10ml Sugar Syrup. 


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