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Founded in 2015, Our/London hides away under a couple of railway arches in Hackney, East London. Read on to find out more.

Our/London's Matt Lovell produced his first batch of vodka using their custom built Arnold Holstein copper pot still in September of that year. They use a special yeast in the production process that ensures the essential oils that give our/london vodka its unique aromatic profile, are not lost once you get to the final liquid. The result is an award-winning vodka with pine, floral and citrussy notes.


Our/London Gin

Matt has now turned his skill to Gin. (He didn't like it that everyone else was getting all the limelight).

He has produced a gin with a unique twist, developing a macerate using Szechuan red pepper to add to the final blend. Steeping the pepper corns for 24 hours then distilling to produce a liquid that is rich in aromas and flavour. The result is a Gin that is bursting with energy and fun! It's bold and punchy with a peppery, floral and citrussy profile.

Matt's journey to discover the perfect Szechuan macerate was long and difficult. He spent many hours experimenting with different macerates of varying strengths and intensity, but we think he has got the balance just right. Our/London Gin leaves you with a very subtle peppery finish at the back of the throat which arrives after the floral and citrussy aromatics flavours. In addition to Juniper and the Szechuan pepper macerate, the depth of Our/London gin is achieved from the other botanicals including Coriander Seed, Angelica, Orrisroot, Cassia bark and Geranium.


Making Gin fun! Breathing new life into the category.

The Our/London team have set about reinventing the way the spirit should look, taste and be enjoyed by developing a perception shifting product that will stand out from the competition with a young, fun and exciting look. Formality and show being replaced by the passion & personality that is hinted at with their vibrant label which sets us apart from other gins on the shelf.

Local Gin made sustainably

Our/London's commitment to sustainability has been designed into their operation and their product. Their custom-built Arnold Holstein copper-pot still has been especially designed with sustainability in mind for minimal waste, and their packaging has eliminated virtually all plastic. (They're are working on the tiny quantity that remains inside their closures). They recycle the vast majority of their waste, even down to the slice of lemon in Matt's Friday sundowner. But more significantly, they haven't embellished their product with fancy labels, embossed & heavy glass or elaborate closures because they believe showing off isn't saving the planet, and anyway, they know that our liquid will do all the showing off that's needed! After all, it has to be about the drink doesn't it. Or did they miss something!


Local with meaning! Our passion for community continues

The Our/London team is made up of close friends, who put their passion into a great vodka and an amazing gin. But being a local business comes with a responsibility to the community to which they belong. As long as they are there making gin and vodka, they will be there supporting their community with at least the same creativity and passion as they commit to our great drinks!

Suggested serves

Our/London Gin & Tonic will always be a favourite, it's a great drink and its easy to serve, but they'd would like to suggest two of our favourites.

Our/London Vespa Martini

Our/London Gin enjoys the same aromatic profile as Our/London Vodka. It's how they designed it! That makes it the perfect accompaniment for the Our/London Vespa Martini

Our/London Gin 3 parts

Our/London Vodka 1 part

Lillet Blanc 1 part

Shaken (well, Mr Bond did invent it!) and strained into a martini glass

Garnish with a twist of lemon




Our/London Hibiscus Sour

Our/London Gin 40ml

Fresh squeezed lemon juice 35ml

Hibiscus syrup 15ml

Egg white 25ml

Shaken over ice and strained into a Martini glass







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