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Nestled deep in the stunning landscapes of the Scottish Highlands you'll discover the home of Caorunn.

Balmenach Distillery's rugged location in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park furnishes Caorunn with the world's finest ingredients for crafting artisan gin. The history of Balmenach Distillery is as old as it is acclaimed. One of the first distilleries in Scotland to be licensed in the production of Scotch whisky in 1824, Balmenach has been a byword for excellence for nearly three centuries.

Caorunn is a small batch, quadruple-distilled Scottish Gin personally crafted by one man - Gin Master, Simon Buley. Using only the finest pure grain spirit, natural Scottish Water and 11 botanical gin ingredients, he personally crafts each and every bottle of Caorunn.

Beginning with the highest quality grain spirit and locally foraged Celtic botanicals, in 1,000 litre batches, the spirit is vaporised through the world's only working Copper Berry Chamber.

Built in the 1920's this Chamber is legacy to a time when all gin was produced using this slow, careful process. The uniquely balanced mix of 6 traditional gin botanicals and 5 hand-foraged wild botanicals sourced from Scottish Highlands, is spread across the four perforated trays of the copper berry chamber. The vaporised spirit slowly rises through the chamber, allowing the vapours to be saturated with sumptuous subtle fresh aromas and flavours. 



Forage to glass, take a walk on the wild side.

Foraging is fast becoming a major trend in the world's best bars and restaurants - Caorunn is at the heart of this renaissance.

Buley hand picks Caorunn's botanicals, revelling in the way foraging reconnects us with the seasons and the bounty of tastes, smells and flavours that nature provides. To Caorunn there's nothing more exciting than discovering what wild plants are in season and combining them to delicious effect.

As a modern London Dry Gin, Caorunn is a dry and crisp, aromatic taste adventure with a long dry finish. It is traditionally served with cool fizzing tonicand slices of red apple to highlight the flavour profile. However, it is a beautifully versatile gin that is perfect for an classic or contemporary cocktail.

Approaching ten years at the pinnacle of the premium gin market, Caorunn is set to release a brand new, British made bottle marrying the fine spirit's artisan roots with seriously sleek aesthetics. Watch this short video to see the new look!




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