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How this small Highgate distillery took vacuum distillation to the world.

During the 18th century there were over a thousand makeshift distilleries dotted around the city: London was the unofficial gin capital of the world. As its popularity grew so too did its unregulated production. Needless to say, quality wasn't a defining factor of the gin being produced and the 'Gin Craze' became a rather forgettable chapter in London's liquid history.

Sacred Spirits was founded in 2008 when Londoner and distiller Ian Hart decided to re-frame the city connection with small batch gin distillation in a more positive light. This time the onus was on quality. Instead of using traditional pot distillation, Ian opted for vacuum distillation as a way to preserve the richness of flavour and aromas of his hand-picked botanicals. A new era of London gin production was beginning...

The Spirit of Innovation

Ian Hart grew up in the same house in Highgate where Sacred Spirits was eventually born (and where he and partner Hilary Whitney are distilling to this day). Naturally curious and fascinated with science and distillation from an early age, Ian would eventually gain a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge.


After briefly swapping alchemy for algorithms as a Wall Street trader, Ian was drawn back to chemistry through his love of wine. He started off experimenting with his own collection, vacuum distilling fine Bordeaux wines to create richer, more intense variations. He then moved onto gin, teaching himself how to distil traditional gin botanicals as well as more exotic specimens.

'When you hold a bottle of Sacred in your hands, you can feel the love and ambition that went into it.'


The second English whisky brand to join our Nectar shelves, Sacred Spirits take English Whisky from bourbon barrels and re cask them in London for further maturation (finishing) and flavour development in sherry hogsheads - old Pedro Ximenez casks from Bodegas Navarro in Montilla, Spain. These nutty and rich nuances give a truly deep and satisfying single malt. Log-fire smoke from a country pub, sea salt, dried pineapple, clove spice, sweet vanilla and Christmas cake.


With spring in the air and British Summer time officially here, take a look at the Rosehip Cup.This all-natural gently bitter aperitif is made with English Rosehips and rhubarb, Spanish sweet orange, organic Peruvian ginger and naturally coloured with red grape skins.

Perfect in the Rosehip Spritz:
3 parts Sparkling Wine
2 parts Rosehip Cup
1 part Soda with ice and an orange slice.

Watch out for more on Sacred Spirits Gin next month...




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