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Akashi Junmai Daiginjo Genshu Yamadanishik

One of Akashi-tai's flagship products, using fine polished rice and extra long brewing... Read on

Akashi Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sake

An innovative sparkling sake from Akashi-Tai. The Junmai Gingjo designation indicates no alcohol... Read on

Akashi-Tai Daiginjo Genshu Yamadanishki

This Sake is made using Yamada Nishiki rice which is grown in the... Read on

Akashi-Tai Ginjo Yuzushu

Akashi-Tai Ginjo Yuzushu



Akashi-Tai Yuzushu is made by macerating yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, in ginjo-grade... Read on

Akashi-Tai Honjozo Genshu Tokubetsu

An undiluted sake from Akashi-Tai, fuller in body and with a more concentrated... Read on

Akashi-Tai Shiraume Umeshu

Conventional Umeshu, or plum liqueur, is made by preserving Japanese Ume plums in... Read on

Akashi-Tai-Sake Honjozo Tokubetsu

The undiluted honjozo Akashi-tai is a satisfyingly full-bodied sake. This is the drink... Read on

Choya Sake

Choya Sake



Made with the European palate in mind this is an easy drinking Sake... Read on

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