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Just launched this spring Bacardi Anejo Cuatro sits in the premium spirits range.

However, Bacardi are aiming this at 'accessible premium' in an attempt to introduce sipping rum to newcomers who previously might have only considered rum as a cocktail mixer.

Its pedigree is 4 years barrel ageing under the Caribbean sun before making its way to these shores.

Inspired by an original recipe belonging to Bacardi Founder Don Facundo, he described it as an excellent sipping rum with flavours of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey.

So there is a more complex flavour profile but at a list price of £20.29 ex vat, it's excellent value for every bar, as well as being a more sophisticated rum.

Bacardi see the 28 - 44 year old market as core Cuatro customers, who are looking for, and have an interest in, more premium products and are willing to pay a little more for them.

They feel rum is having its moment and whilst it is certainly behind gin and vodka in volume, rum has possibly been a bit misunderstood in the past and people are now realising it is actually the most diverse of spirits. Because of its exposure in the on trade, it is being drunk at home more frequently as an alternative spirit too, and with ranges of rum being released, all showcasing something different as Bacardi have, its diversity is demonstrated.

Bacardi have a signature serve which is the Highball, blending Bacardi Cuatro with ginger ale, bitters and lime.

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