Tradition, heritage, and time-honoured practices can produce incredible whisky.

But for every rule that must be obeyed and every statute that must be honoured, some suggest that you lose an ounce of originality and a spark of free spirit. Enter Spearhead.

Crafted at Loch Lomond distillery, Spearhead is a single grain Scotch whisky made using 100% malted barley and an extended fermentation time of 92 hours before distilling in a Coffey style still. The continuous distillation process creates a lighter style of spirit, making the whisky more approachable, and is the only reason that the whisky is not single malt i.e. 100% malted barley but NOT batch distilled.

Spearhead's lighter style spirit is matured in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in a combination of infrared and fire toasted virgin American oak barrels. The use of infrared toasting is a first in the Scotch whisky world and allows intricate flavours to be extracted that make the spirit sweeter and more like bourbon.

This results in a whisky that's lighter, sweeter and more accessible.

The serve strategy focuses on fun, unexpected whisky serves and away from stirred down and brown, where you're more likely to see Spearhead in a Clover Club take than in a Rob Roy. The fruity notes also work well in spritz style drinks and the classic Peach Head serve is a great example of this.

That said, there are no rules that you 'must mix the whisky'. If you try the whisky neat you'll find it pairs perfectly with craft beer. In England it's a half and half; Scotland, "ahauf and hauf"; or a boilermaker in the US. But Spearhead keeps it simple and goes with "spear and beer".

Wherever you are pick up a bottle and find out with your customers why Spearhead is the whisky that does things differently.

Spear & Beer

Pour whisky into a rocks glass then pour craft beer into a highball glass and enjoy. We recommend a stone fruit or grapefruit IPA to really make the flavours pop. Or why not try alongside a Meantime IPA.

Peach Head

  • Spearhead - 35ml
  • Pêche de Vigne - 15ml
  • lemon juice - 10ml
  • mint leaves - 10
  • orange bitters - 2dsh

Fill glass with ice then add all ingredients. Top with ginger ale and garnish with a wedge of peach.

Clover Club

  • Spearhead - 50ml
  • Lemon Juice - 22.5ml
  • Extra dry Vermouth - 15ml
  • Simple Syrup - 15ml
  • Egg white/Aquafaba - 15ml
  • Fresh Raspberries - 10

Add raspberries into tin and muddle. Add remaining ingredients, dry shake (without ice), then add ice and shake. Double strain into a chilled coupe and garnish with 3 raspberries.

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