A family of history and heritage, the first traces of theBichot family date back to 1214. Today, the company is managed by Albéric Bichot who respects both the family traditions as well as being completely focused on the future.

Totalling six estates, the company's vineyards cover Burgundy from the north to south. Value placed in the quality of the grapes in order to produce the quality wines that are revered from around the world.

From Vineyard to Cellar

Albert Bichot's estates are located in each of Burgundy's major viticultural regions, each one has a winery and cellar where a dedicated team vinifies and ages the precious wines.

In the cellar, the wine is carefully transferred from the vinification vats or barrels by means of gravity. There it is allowed to mature in casks for 12 to 18 months. It is during this key period, when time and expertise come together, that Bichot wines truly acquire their body and reveal their personality and all of their potential.

The Albert Bichot Signature

The team's ambition is to provide you and your customers with unique sensations and emotions, by having you discover the very essence of Burgundy wines.

Every vintage is a challenge; each wine is a unique story, a terroir to be revealed, a gem. Respect for nature, constant care and meticulousness; it is their understanding of complex equilibriums that lends our wines all of their elegance and authenticity.

We hold a fantastic selection of Bichot wines from across their estates, here's our top picks to tantalise tastebuds with.

A sensational alternative to Champagne, Cremant De Bourgogne Brut Bichot is ideal for an aperitif. A predominately Chardonnay Cuvee it benefits from 20months maturation in bottle to develop a rich offering - an interesting by the glass option.

Petit Chablis is a highly refreshing wine that is made from grapes grown in the north and northwest of Chablis in northern Burgundy. Your customers will experience flavuors of apple, lemon and a pleasing minerality that creates a round wine. Excellent as an aperitif or with seafood, it is perfect for social summer evenings.

Bourgongne Chardonnay Secret de Famile was recently voted in Decanter Magazine as one of the best 'affordable Burgundy top 30 buys' and we can see why. Crafted from a carefully sourced blend of grapes, this is a superbly balanced wine that will charm drinkers to come back for more.

Wine is all about sharing and conviviality, the Horizon de Bichot wines were created for special moments with family and friends. Horizon Pinot Noir has a silky complexity that delivers black fruits and notes of pepper, an exceptional wine at a fantastic price.

Take your pick, dive into the range and offer your customers a range of beautiful French wines this summer.

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