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Life is short. Drink Prosecco!

Did you know, up to mid-June 2017 prosecco's value had grown 60.6% in the on-trade?! Be a part of this growth with Scavi & Ray.

Scavi & Ray
stands for unrivalled freshness, Italian elegance and uncompromising quality. Scavi & Ray embodies a joy of life the Italian way, and is pure no-nonsense enjoyment at its best.

As Italy's premium prosecco it is typified by its elegant design and outstanding grape quality; cultivated in a breath-taking sun-drenched landscape with perfect soil conditions. The grapes are harvested by hand with tradition, passion and diligence.

The Scavi & Ray range includes the classic Scavi & Ray Spumante; the figurehead of the brand, a wonderfully sweet Rosato, a 2 year vintage DOC Momento D'oro, the dry and fruity Ice Prestige and a unique non-alcoholic prosecco.

Scavi & Ray Frizzante products are known for their fine perlage on account of lower carbon dioxide levels. This also explains the low bottle pressure and use of a simple cork without an additional agraffe.

The Scavi & Ray Spumantes, compared to Frizzantes, have a stronger perlage and a more intense tingling sensation on the tongue. This means the bottle pressure is greater requiring the Spumante to have a sparkling wine cork closure with an agraffe for the bottle to remain securely closed.

Scavi & Ray's Alcohol Free prosecco is in a class of its own, allowing everyone to be a part of the celebrations whilst being a light, refreshing and authentic taste of prosecco. Tantalise those taste buds with its delicious aroma and fruity tang, make sure everyone feels special this season... Great as an aperitif, perfect with party nibbles or just whenever someone fancies a glass of fizz!

A premium, international brand that supports London Fashion Week, Amsterdam Fashion Week and major lifestyle brands across the globe - chosen by innovators and professionals and the perfect addition to any special occasion.


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