The beauty of the Alps, the scent of the hills and the magic of Venice

Ever since ancient times, the green lands surrounding Treviso have proven to be particularly suited to quality winemaking, as they are protected by the Alps from cold northerly winds, warmed by the soft breezes of the Adria-tic Sea and boast a favourable composition of the ground coupled with the know-how of generations of winemakers, who have devoted all their skills, study and commitment to the field.

Here, where the hills are drawn by the geometry of the vineyards, where the climate is mild and temperate, where every site has a story to tell, here, more than two centuries ago, the renowned "Prosecco" came to life becoming the emblem of the area and the heir of an ancient tradition that grows continuously thanks to talented and passionate wine experts.

Moinet Prosecco is produced in Conegliano, the heart of this landscape. This city has always fascinated and attracted tourists with its history, firm traditions art and culture. Conegliano is also the city where the first Italian School of Vine-Growing and Enology was established in 1877, one of the first of its kind in the world, which has promoted a modern wine-making culture allowing the renewal of vineyards and fostering the production of high-quality wines that have gained worldwide recognition. Moinet Prosecco is born within this extraordinary framework, combining a deep respect from tradition with a passion for technically advanced winemaking, utilising their extensive knowledge of terror and wine-making culture to produce high-quality sparkling wines.

Moinet Prosecco Rosé - Their much-anticipated category of Prosecco Rosé was, at last, authorised for production in May 2020.

The pink hues are delivered courtesy of up to 15% Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) in the blend, alongside the traditional prosecco grape, Glera. With the characteristic lightness of our best-selling prosecco, Moinet Rosé comes with the added touch of strawberries and cream, making this elegant rose a suave aperitif for any occasion...

Additionally, there's Moinet Prosecco Brut DOCG which contains aromas of honeysuckle and acaia and tastes of vibrant red apples, white flowers and honeydew melon. Fresh with excellent balance and cleansing acidity.

Finally, there's Moinet Prosecco Extra Dry DOC, perfect for the upcoming party season. It's delicate and fruity with a balanced and delicate aroma of wildflowers, acacia blossoms, exotic fruits and apples.

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