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The Cattier family have been cultivating vineyards in the Champagne region since 1625, but it wasn't until after the first war that Jean Cattier started making Champagne itself.



The business has remained in the family, the third generation of family members are now at the helm, with Alexandre in charge since 2011. Like many such businesses it is more than a product, it is a passion, a way of life.


Cattier have a range of Champagnes from the Blanc de Noir to the excellent Glamour Rose. Each one is meticulously produced with all the grapes being picked by hand in the traditional way.

At the heart of the estate there is the jewel which is the 2.2 hectares given over to the Clos Du Moulin which is a rare, enclosed vineyard which can only be worked by traditional horse, and dates back to the 18th century.

Our most popular champagne is the Brut Icone NV. With an excellent price point this really does offer a classy champagne and can certainly punch its weight with any of the well known brands. It's been described as 'among the best non-vintage ' by Robert Parker and rightly so. You will find it aromatic and floral on the nose with dried fruits and brioche on the palate with a deliciously long finish.

All of the champagnes make their way to the glorious cellars which have often been photographed.

Described as giving their wines a haven of peace in which to mature, they are buried 27 metres underground surrounded by chalk, allowing perfect, constant conditions to be maintained throughout the year.





The style of the champagnes that are produced completely reflect their particular terroir in the heart of the Montagne de Reims. Described by Alexandre himself as 'fruity and generous'. This elegant style they believe comes from their own pinot meunier grapes. His grandfather had his own way of expressing these special grapes - 'one bite in the cluster'.

It is heartening to see such a willingness to pursue quality and character over volume, and such a respect from the knowledge which has been handed down to this generation of champagne makers.



So at this time of year, whilst there is a huge willingness to drink sparkling wines, don't overlook the opportunity to allow customers to trade up to a festive treat!

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