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We are always excited to put the list together for you and know that these wines will work hard for your various styles of business. Some are newcomers, over 20 new lines, and some are tried and tested brands.


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Like all other drinks, your customers do like to experiment and learn something new when they are drinking and wine offers as many opportunities to tell new stories and introduce new flavours as any other category of drink. It can certainly provide many examples of craftsmanship, skill and history which are fascinating.
This category sees the millennial effect too; driven by curiosity and pursuing the experience more than being defined by spend, interesting brands, bottle design and provenance offer opportunities as a bar manager. It is estimated that over 40% of wine lists now display Vegan or Vegetarian wines for their customers. We have over 70 to choose from across a wide variety of styles and country of origin. The movement for natural wines continues and is predicted to be a mainstream offering in the next 12 months.
We would be delighted to talk to you about your wine business whatever the size or scope, remember 'drink wine, it isn't good to keep it bottled up.'


Check that every wine you have added to your list has a reason to be there and fulfils a purpose, whether that be style, food, seasonality, or price point.

Temperature definitely matters in the world of wine, and if you're serious about serving delicious wine your customers will want to try again, you need make sure you know where your wine is stored and at what temperature. Why is it important? The right temperature will release the right flavours and aromas from the wine.


White Wines:

What a world of wine we hold in this section. Wines from all over the globe displaying the different nuances: climate, grapes and presentation can deliver. Dive in! 

We all know that a little extra spend per bottle generally gives better quality wines - these are the wines we think offer real value. We all react to a personal recommendation so here's ours. These are not the cheapest on the list but those that we are excited about selling, really believe in and think your customers will enjoy.
Don't forget this is a growing sector of wine that people want to know about - check out our vegan wine section here.

Red Wines: 

New world, old world and a few stops in-between! Delicious red wines for every occasion. 

If consumers begin to trust your wine selection, it will help increase average spend and encourage more experimentation further up the wine list. Keep things fresh, seasonal and interesting! 

Offer a chilled red and clearly mark them as such on the wine list - it shows knowledge and care about the wines you are serving. Many of the punchy and popular Aussie Shiraz and delicate Beaujolais or Pinot Noir benefit from a quick ice bath especially in warm weather.

Rosé Wine:

The beautiful gentle blush of rosé wine hides its ability to deliver such versatile flavours at any time of year. It is earmarked as a key growth area for the coming year too... Not only is Rosé growing in volume sales, per bottle the sales value is increasing at a higher rate than other wine categories.
Our delicious recommendations for rosé's that are crisp and dry or sweeter and more succulent include the USA's The Big Top White Zinfandel, Italy's Mirabello Pinot Grigio Rosata, Chile's Los Haroldos Chacabuco Malbec Roasdo and from France Mas de Vigneron. 


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