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Franklin Dual Elderflower & Cucumber

Elderflower and Cucumber Tonic Water is a perfect partner for wine based cocktails... Read on

Franklin Dual Pink Grapefruit & Bergamot

Citrusy bitterness from the zest, with refreshing light sweetness of the pink grapefruit. Read on

Franklin Dual Rhubarb & Hibiscus

The finest rhubarb provides abundant fresh-cut tartness and the introduction of Hibiscus flower,... Read on

Franklin Dual Rosemary & Black Olive

Rosemary and Olive Tonic Water has a gentle aroma and is a perfect... Read on

Franklin Indian Tonic Water

This opens with a lively effervescence, delivering a sweet aroma and refreshing taste... Read on

Franklin Indian Tonic Water Travel Cans

A delicate blend of sparkling Staffordshire spring water, natural cinchona bark extract from... Read on

Franklin Light Tonic Water

A light crisp tonic providing great mouthfeel by accentuating the subtle bitterness of... Read on

Franklin Mallorcan Tonic

Franklin Mallorcan Tonic



Developed to unlock new flavours and create a unique Mediterranean drinking experience, with... Read on

Franklin Natural Light Tonic Cans

A low calorie variant of the award-winning Natural Indian Tonic Water, made using... Read on

Franklin Sicilian Lemon Tonic

A combination of essential oils from the peel and juice of the flesh... Read on

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