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Standard Draught Beers

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Amstel 1x50Lt

This classic, golden Amstel Beer, with its very distinctive and mildly bitter taste,... view more



Asahi 1x30Lt

With its refreshing barley flavor and crisp aftertaste, Asahi is by far the... view more



Asahi 1x50Lt

With its refreshing barley flavor and crisp aftertaste, Asahi is by far the... view more


Becks Vier

Becks Vier 1x11Gall

Beck's Vier is matured at sub-zero temperature: smooth taste, crisp finish. 'Vier' refers... view more



Bitburger 1x50Lt

A bright, fresh golden colour and rich frothy head are typical of this... view more


Bombardier Bitter

Bombardier Bitter 1x50Lt

Bombardier practically marches up to the doors of taste and boots them in.... view more



Budvar 1x50Lt

By far and away the best known beer in the Budvar portfolio.... view more



Budweiser 1x11Gall

Budweiser is a medium-bodied, flavourful, crisp American-style lager. Brewed with the best barley... view more



Carlsberg 1x50Lt

Carlsberg is light, easy drinking and refreshing. The all-malt recipe and Carlsberg yeast... view more


Cobra Lager

Cobra Lager 1x50Lt

Cobra Premium beer is crafted using a unique recipe and intricate brewing process.... view more


Eichbaum Hefe Weizen

Eichbaum Hefe Weizen 1x50Lt

A bright wheat beer, just slightly cloudy, with a 50% wheat malt content.... view more


Eichbaum Lager

Eichbaum Lager 1x50Lt

aden-Württemberg lagers are traditionally less strongly hopped and taste a little sweeter than... view more


Erdinger Dunkel

Erdinger Dunkel 1x30Lt

A genuine speciality for beer connoisseurs - just like in the good old... view more


Erdinger Hefe

Erdinger Hefe 1x30Lt

The premium wheat beer for those who love the unforgettable good flavour. Erdinger... view more


Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm 1x50Lt

Over 140 years ago, young master brewer August Kuentzmann Damm emigrated from Alsace... view more


Estrella Galicia

Estrella Galicia 1x50Lt

Beer of shining golden colour that comes from a selection of especially bitter... view more


Fischer Helles

Fischer Helles 1x30Lt

Fischer's light is a real Bavarian specialty. Harmonious taste, mild and of urgesunder,... view more



Flensburger 1x50Lt

Flensburger's flagship product is their renowned north German Pilsner. Unmistakable in character... view more



Fosters 1x11Gall

Foster's is an easy-drinking lager that is perfectly balanced with moderate vanilla tasting... view more


Fullers IPA

Fullers IPA 1x30Lt

Deep gold in colour, Fuller’s IPA opens with satisfying, earthy aromas, while the... view more



Guinness 1x30Lt

New 30LT size available view more



Heineken 1x50Lt

Back in 1873 a young entrepreneur named Gerard Heineken discovered a passion for... view more


Hop House 13

Hop House 13 1x30Lt

A mixture of Australian and American hops runs as an undercurrent through this... view more


Kaltenberg Royal

Kaltenberg Royal 1x50Lt

Kaltenberg beers are brewed using only the finest ingredients: 2 row summer barley... view more


Krombacher Dark

Krombacher Dark 1x30Lt

Taste: deeply coloured and full bodied with a moderate bitterness and rich, highly... view more


Krombacher Hell

Krombacher Hell 1x30Lt

Our golden Krombacher Hell is based on a careful selection of special malts... view more


Krombacher Pils

Krombacher Pils 1x50Lt

Krombacher, situated in the beautiful hills of Westfalia, draws upon the local mountain... view more


Krombacher Weisen

Krombacher Weisen 1x30Lt

This is a well balanced wheat beer. Vitamins, proteins and minerals are... view more



Kronenbourg 1x50Lt

Kronenbourg 1664 is a lager with a noble history, characterized by its fine... view more


Leffe Blond

Leffe Blond 1x20Lt

In the fifties, an extraordinary meeting took place that all beer enthusiasts should... view more



Lindeboom 1x50Lt

A mostly bitter mix of herbal hops and malt with a nose of... view more


Litovel Classic

Litovel Classic 1x50Lt

A beer with a pleasant taste and aroma, a fine aromatic bitterness and... view more


Litovel Premium

Litovel Premium 1x50Lt

Pale golden in colour. Citrussy hops linger powerfully balanced with bitterness. view more


London Pride

London Pride 1x50Lt

Brewed under the watchful eye of the Griffin since the 1950s, London Pride... view more



Lowenbrau 1x50Lt

This top selling German beer is wonderfully refreshing and slightly bitter taste. The... view more



Moretti 1x20Lt

Birra Moretti is a quality beer made in the traditional way. It is... view more


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