Warner's Honeybee Botanical Garden


Warner's Honeybee Botanical Garden

With 28 natural botanicals, Honeybee Gin is infused with luscious local honey and a dollop of golden nectar from hives on Falls Farm. The Warner's workplace is built on equality and diversity, while they make sure to look after the land and everything that sustains it; that includes how and where they source things, what resources they consume, and how they produce and package their gin. They even dedicate 1% of their total business revenue to environmental projects that make a real difference. A floral and zesty gin with a long, lingering and gently sweet finish, we love it served with Mediterranean Tonic water, and garnished with a slice of lemon and a few sage leaves.

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Warner's Honeybee Botanical Garden

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Tasting Notes - Classic, London DryProperties - Ethical and SustainableProperties - VegetarianProperties - Gluten Free

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