Deposits Information

Deposits are still a part of life and we are finding that more and more craft beer kegs are incurring deposits as well. So, we have tried to make it easier for you by marking returnable kegs or cases of bottles on the price list brochure. Kegs are marked deposit keg and cases of bottles RB.

All you need to do is return the empty keg or crate of bottles to our driver who will record this on a deposit sheet and we will credit the deposit to your account the next day.  

 Imported Kegs  £20.00
 Fordham Kegs  £25.00
 German Keg Deposit  £30.00
 German Keg Deposit  £50.00

 Full Crates  
 Soda Syphons  £7.00
 Belgian (with 24 bottles)  3.33
 Belgian (with 20 bottles)  3.05
 Belgian (with 12 bottles)  2.49
 Delirium  9.76
 German  4.00
 Grolsch  3.50

 Empty Crates  
 Soda Syphons  £1.00
 Belgian  £2.00
 Delirium  £4.00
 German  £2.00
 Grolsch  £1.10

 Line Cleaner  
 Line Cleaner for Draught Equipment 2 x 5lt  £14.92

Call the sales office on 01747 827030 or email ku/oc/reebihasa//selasratcen

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