6 O'Clock Gin

6 O'clock Gin is a delightfully smooth artisan gin created by the team behind Bramley & Gage. Working in the West Country since 1988, this small family run business created a classic London Dry Gin in homage to their Head Distiller’s grandfather, a ‘Gentleman Seafarer’ who never missed his daily 6 O’clock gin and tonic. 6 O'clock Gin has a refreshingly clean and well-balanced taste and is built around a base of juniper, coriander, orris root and angelica - with a modern twist from the addition of orange peel, elderflower and winter savoury. The smoothness flows from the unique design of 6 O'clock Gin’s copper still and their distiller's craft.

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This is the older style bottle which will be phased out during October.
Tasting Notes - Citrus and HerbaceousProperties - VeganProperties - Gluten Free

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