Nakcool Vino Blanco

Sweetness: Dry

Grapes: Muscat Ottonel, Viognier, Ugni Blanc

Grape info: Muscat Ottonal is a native of the Loire Valley in France, more famous for its role in Alsace where itís labelled Muscat díAlsace. Earlier ripening than many of its Muscat cohorts, it produces aromatic, grapey wines rather low in acidity. Here, itís blended with Viognierís distinctive heady character and a sharpening touch of Ugni Blanc.

About: Born from a desire to develop a more conscious way of winemaking, Proyecto Nakkal in Canelones produces fresh, accessible wines that reflect both their natural ingredients and their natural environment via minimum intervention. Spontaneous ferments utilising wild yeasts present in the vineyard produce complex wines with strong varietal and terroir expression. The wines are not clarified or filtered but racked twice by moon calendar (in last quarter) for a natural clarification.

Tasting note: Generous floral aromas on the nose with complex phenolics. The voluptuous palate offers tropical fruit flavours balanced by refreshingly bright acidity and a little phenolic grip on the finish.

Character: Grape, white flowers, citrus

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